Welcome to BC Real Estate

BC Real Estate specializes in helping new investors.  As a new investor himself in 2002, Broker Jordan Bankhead arrived in Oxford and started to learn the ins and outs of the Oxford MS real estate investment market.  This market is a typical college town market in some ways but in recent years it has become much more.  Today, money can be made in retiree home investment, student housing, or the growing market form families that are attracted to the high quality jobs the University of Mississippi and local business community offers.  Our firm is deeply involved in the community and we are aware of many of the trends that will not only affect your Oxford Ms real estate investment now but into the future.  We offer a value added approach to investing in real estate by sharing our insights about the local market with new investors and helping to forecast into the foreseeable future.  With a lot more room to grow, we continue to believe Oxford MS has a very bright future and real estate will be the foundation for that growth.  Give us a call today and we will get started on making your investment dreams a reality!


You may find yourself asking the question, what are the benefits of buying an investment property?  Well, if you purchase an investment property close to local schools and business, this could be very attractive to potential renters.  Having The University of Mississippi in our town makes Oxford a haven for renters so there will always be a high demand for rental properties and apartments.


With the right timing and location, here are a few tips that will help any first-time or seasoned investor take advantage of what might be the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • Know your options.  Since not all investment properties are the same, it is important to determine what type of property fits your strategy, and needs.  You must ask yourself, do you want to become a landlord, or would you rather restore and resell properties?  Are you interested in apartment buildings and other commercial real estate, or in buying land that can be developed?


  • Partner with experience.  First time investors should find a real estate agent experienced in investment property deals who can help you locate promising properties.  Owning 28 rental properties ourselves and managing 12 others, we would be able to provide a wealth of knowledge and can answer any question you may have about investing in property.


  • Look for the right location.  If you  buy a property with the hopes of renting it out, location is key.  In a town like Oxford, a property with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, close to the campus or the square are what most renters in this town are looking for.