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This section is dedicated to provide answers to your most common landlord/tenant questions.

How to secure a good rental situation.


    o Make sure you are in a good location that will suit your needs best, and help you better enjoy your renting experience.

Common Problems

    oEarly Termination of Lease

    In order for one to terminate their lease, one would need to sub-let their rental. Sub letting is when the currents tenant finds another tenant to take their place on the lease.


    Renters Insurance is required. The Landlord will be responsible for the structure and appliances that come with it, but we are not liable for personal injury or tenants belongings inside the dwelling.


    We are pet friendly!
    We require a $250 pet deposit upon moving in.


    All Tenants are to sign individual leases.
Our lease binds roommates to “joint and several liability”. If one roommate was to move out regardless of the reason, the remaining roommates are still legally responsible for that person’s share of the rent as well as any damages.

What to expect from the landlord.

    o There are background and credit checks performed on all possible tenants before the lease is signed.
    o Upon moving in the security deposit as well as the first month’s rent is due.
    o As the landlord, we pay for the lawn maintenance, sewer, and garbage pickup. All other utilities are the tenant’s responsibility.
    o As the landlord, we are responsible for all repairs and maintenance, aside from personal damages which will be deducted from the security deposit upon moving out.