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When do you process the monthly rents to property owners?

As the landlord, you have the option of the tenants monthly rent to be mailed to you, or direct deposited into your bank account.

Included with the check will be a copy of any maintenance invoices, and this payment plus management fees will be deducted from tenants rent.

Can you help if I decided to sell the property?

Absolutely, not only can we manage your property, but as a licensed real estate broker in the state of Mississippi, we can list and sell your property.

How will you find tenants for my property?

Create ads via :-
    Paid and free rental listing websites
    Print publications

How do you qualify the tenants for my rental home?

Perform background check to verify identity, income, credit history, rental history, etc.

How will we determine the rent per month I will receive?

Gather data on rental rates in the area and work with you to determine the optimal rental rate. Rental rates will vary depending on size and type.

When tenants are chosen, what is the procedure for moving in?

*Prepare home for rent
    Print publications
*Draw up lease agreement
*Confirm move in date with tenant
*Review lease guidelines with tenant regarding things like rental payment terms and required property maintenance
*Ensure all agreements have been properly executed
*Collect first month’s rent and security deposit

What is the procedure for the tenant moving out?

*Inspect unit and fill out a report on property’s condition when tenant moves out
*Provide tenant with a copy of a report as well as estimated damages
*Return the balance of security deposit to the tenant
*Forward any retained portion of tenant’s deposit to the owner or hold in owner’s reserves for repairs
*Clean unit and perform any needed repairs or upgrades
*Rekey the locks as needed
*Put property back on the market for rent