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With Oxford being a college town, there is always going to be a steady flow of renters.  So a multi-family investment would be a great way to invest in the Oxford real estate market!  Now, let's talk about what kinds of multi- family homes Oxford has to offer.


First we have duplexes. A duplex is one building consisting of two separate "houses", typically side by side, each with separate entrances and typically without common inside areas.  So double the income, with the same maintenance as investing in a single family home.  For those who are wanting to invest, but are afraid to make such a huge leap of owning a complex, this is perfect for you!


Condos are also a great vehicle for new investors or people who wish to spread their risk to different areas of the city or different cities altogether.  Condos also offer great services like exterior maintenance, amenities like pools and cable TV, and other valuable services.  The key when evaluating an investment in Oxford MS condos is to make sure the association running the complex is well run.  With this knowledge and some information about different areas in Oxford MS an informed decision can be made.  Our job is to help provide you with good facts and allow you to make a good business decision because after all it is your money!


More seasoned investors may wish to invest in apartments which come in all different shapes and sizes.  They can be anywhere from four units all the way to four hundred.  Sometimes better deals can be found buying larger complexes but this is not always the case.  The key is to let us help you obtain rent rolls, maintenance history, profit and loss history for as long as possible, and other information about the apartment such as age and location.  With the right kinds of facts at your disposal, we at BC Real Estate believe you can make the best investment decision and realize income for years to come in Oxford, MS.


Single family homes are another great way to invest in the Oxford MS real estate market.  If you have a child attending Ole Miss this may be a great way to pay for your child's education.  During their attendance at the University, roommates may pay money that would otherwise be lost on rent to someone else.  At the end of their stay in Oxford, the chance for appreciation is good if the property is purchased right.  Rest assured that years of negotiating experience we will put all our knowledge and experience to work for you to get you the best deal on an Oxford MS home.